Monday, July 5, 2010

Lemons and French Toast

Hello! It was FINALLY sunny and warm here :) although I had to work, it still makes me happy to see the sun shining. I had a great night last night, we went dancing for a friends b-day . Needless to say, I stayed out a bit too late and was super tired at work this morning. I started my morning off with a glass of lemon water...I have been doing this every morning now for about a month. There are so many benefits to drinking lemon water.

Benefits of Lemon Water

I also made banana french toast HOLY YUM, So good :)

After work I stopped by Whole Foods to see if they had the new Lara bar flavors, but I didn't see them :( Any Canadians? Have you seen them in Canada yet? So I ended up getting Cashew Cookie and 2 Cinnamon Roll. I also left with a HUGE tub of spinach :)

I also forgot to mention that before my trip I was contacted by Foodbuzz saying that I had won a contest I had entered. It was a HUGE gift basket of Ginger People products!! When I got the parcel it was stuffed! There was one of every flavor of the Ginger fave was the Hot Coffe and the Spicy Apple. I also got a HUGE bag of candied ginger, Ginger drinks, hard candies, ginger shortbread cookies, Crystallized Ginger Candy

It was all so good! I still have a ton left!! So thanks to The Ginger People and Foodbuzz!!!

Dinner tonight was fast and easy..veggie, tofu udon soup . So delicious, I love udon :)

Off to bathe and then bed and another day of work :(

I found this earlier and it kid of depicts how I'm feeling right now in my life :)

Have a great night!


Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello! Sorry I have been away so long :) I was having MAJOR issues with my computer and I have also been working non stop. So now I have a few day off to relax :)

I got back from my trip about a week and a half ago, and it was sooo amazing, I had the best time ever. I have tons of pics to share with you as soon as I get them all developed (I brought 9 disposable cameras with me), I was so afraid of losing my moms good digital camera that I decided on the disposables :)

I have been eating like a pig lately, which is good for me :) my weight is up 6 pounds from a month ago. I have been eating a ton of berries, mainly raspberries.

Right now here in Vancouver it doesn't feel much like summer :( It's still quite chilly and mainly cloudy. I hope we get summer weather here soon! I want to hit the beach.

And in other news, I dyed my hair dark again...I'll probably go back to blonde agian very soon though.

Off to catch up on blogs and maybe watch a movie :)
Have a great night!!