Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

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Yup, lotsa rain :( Forgive me for not posting, but for some reason, my brand new ac adapter for my laptop dies and I couldn't charge my computer for a few days till I got a new one. Ugh.
I was home from work today because I switched shifts with someone else, and now I have to work her shift on
This morning started off with an epic bowl of oatmeal
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Lunch was an awesome bowl of spicy udon, made by my friend :)
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And dinner tonight will be a HUGE salad topped with grilled chicken breast that my mom and dad gave me. I can't wait!!

I have a review of a product that I recently fell in love with after I picked it up at Whole Foods on Monday

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I have to say these are definitely a 10/10!!, so delicious, they are a little pricey and the portion is somewhat small, but I would totally buy these again. I am really trying to cut back on my meat consumption, and these totally taste like chicken. Honestly. My friend did not know these were meatless, she thought it was really chicken. Super good and highly recommended!

My mom and dad also gave me a huge bag of avocados, I'm going to use some in the salad tonight, but I have no idea as to how to use the rest! I want to try to use them up before they go bad. Any ideas? :)

I had another nutritionist appointment yesterday, and for some reason my weight was down by 3 1 week! I'm eating pretty good meals, so I don't know :( Maybe too much exercise? So I have to go back in, in 2 weeks. My guess is maybe I am just not getting as many calories as I think I am getting and maybe over doing the exercise :( So now I have to try to get more calories in and cut down on my exercise. I hope that works.

Since I can't seem to find PB&C0's Mighty Maple anywhere here in Vancouver, I have been improvising. I made my own concoction of it with my natural peanut butter and mixing in some 100% Organic Maple Syrup :) Tastes pretty much just like it! Although the maple syrup was $14! It's quite large though and will last me a long time, I love real maple syrup!

Off to do some dished now and laundry :( Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!



Anonymous said...

Augh, lots of rain is never fun! I need my sunshine! :)

Try not to get too discouraged about the weight issue. Honestly, weight fluctuates SO many day to day that it could be water retention, hormone cycle, or any number of reasons that its down a couple pounds. Keep an eye on it, but don't let it bug you too much. I know how well you've been doing and I'm SO proud of you!


Syl said...

Sorry to hear you are down a few pounds Christina, but like the poster above said weight fluctuates so much, it's hard to judge.

You have been doing so great and really making 100% effort, the important thing is that you are worried about the loss and wanting to do something about it, that is a HUGE success in my books.

Anonymous said...

sorry about the weight loss- just remember to stay ont rack, don't over do it with the exercise. your oats look sooo delicious!!!!

Katie ♥ said...

hello beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE the header you have, hello kitty is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh those gardein chik'n filets are amazing, love them!!!!!!

I hope u find the peanutbutter squeeze packs there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a great day beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Omg I love your new header!!!

And don't worry about every foodie would say, just get lots of oatmeal and nut buttah.

I love gardein, I tried their Santa Fe chicken and it was yummy. Their beef strips are yucky though.


Gabriela. said...

YUM - amazing eats, girl!
And I´m sorry about the weight issue... But, if you´re really commit yourself to eat more and exercise less, it´ll be a piece of cake!
Good luck, Christina. And have a great weekend!
Brazilian XOXO´s,

Jessica said...

I didn't realize you were a local blogger too!! I'm on the island!!

Anyways, avocado - slice it in half and take out the pit and add agave or honey to the pit hole... sprinkle with salt and pepper!! I know you are thinking yuck... but this is seriously amazing!!! :)

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