Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello! Sorry I have been away so long :) I was having MAJOR issues with my computer and I have also been working non stop. So now I have a few day off to relax :)

I got back from my trip about a week and a half ago, and it was sooo amazing, I had the best time ever. I have tons of pics to share with you as soon as I get them all developed (I brought 9 disposable cameras with me), I was so afraid of losing my moms good digital camera that I decided on the disposables :)

I have been eating like a pig lately, which is good for me :) my weight is up 6 pounds from a month ago. I have been eating a ton of berries, mainly raspberries.

Right now here in Vancouver it doesn't feel much like summer :( It's still quite chilly and mainly cloudy. I hope we get summer weather here soon! I want to hit the beach.

And in other news, I dyed my hair dark again...I'll probably go back to blonde agian very soon though.

Off to catch up on blogs and maybe watch a movie :)
Have a great night!!



melonshots said...

you look so stunnah with dark hair! i love it!!

Anonymous said...

ah girl so gorgeous with the brown hair! glad you checked in- so nice to know you are doing welll :)

Kelsey said...

you look so transformed as a brunette! blonde and brown both suit you really well but u look really different to me! i like it tho!

glad ur back- we've all missed you like crazy <3

Katie ♥ said...

Yay so glad your back and I LOVE your hair dark!! It looks so beautiful! Looks beautiful blonde too!!! U are beautiful with any hair color!!!

Thanks for the congrats girl, we are very excited for the move!! And u can borrow my arms anyday, lol!!

love ya!

lindsey said...

you are adorable :)
and congrats on the weight gain!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair!! It looks so good.

e.motions and ana.lysis said...

I like the hair! And you aren't "eating like a pig", you're eating heathily for a person who needs to gain weight. Good job on taking care of yourself!
P.S. I'm not a random stalker - I'm a long time reader who's finally started a blog and can comment. :)

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