Monday, September 6, 2010

This Summer

I'm back..I know I was supposed to update a few weeks back but I went to L.A. with some friends and had a blast! My whole summer was a blast! There were many grad and b day parties

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The most AMAZING trip to New York!

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Now that summer is almost over..:(, I have realized a few things I learned about myself this summer.

* I love baking cupcakes (I made so many different kinds this summer! It was so much fun experimenting)

* I am now in love with carbs..I swear I am addicted to bagels and cream cheese :)

* I realized that I DON"T have to work out everyday in order to feel good about myself, I was over doing it for awhile because I'd feel guilty if I missed a day of exercise. But just being out and having a good time with my friends is enough to make me feel good :) I do however, workout 4 days a week. That's all I need.

* I just realized that for the most part of the summer I absolutely did not think about my ED at all. In the past it used to consume my every thought, but the past month and a half, it didn't even cross my mind!

* I can't wait for Fall! My fave season! I love summer and had an amazing one but I am kind of over the heat now :) I can't wait for the crisp Autumn days :)

Well today is Labor Day and my plans are just to chill out at home and watch some movies, the weather here is atrocious right now...rainy and windy..blah.

So last time I said I had some exciting news! In July I was approached about writing a book about my battle with anorexia..but not only will this book include my story, I want to include other stories of sufferers and survivors of this. I'm going to meet with the editor in 1 week! I am super excited and nervous. So if anyone would like to include their story, I will let you know in a week or two how to submit it and so on :)

I'm off to do some laundry and get some moies going :) have a great Labor Day!!

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Lisa said...

Hey! I just stumbled across this blog! I love the things you realized. It's really inspiring to see posts like this! :)

take care, stay strong

HONEY said...

wow, i'm amazed that you will write an own book and already have a meeting with an editor!! i don't know if i want to share my story because it isn't that extreme and i've never been diagnosed...i just have/had EDNOS.


Fashion Meets Food said...

That is so awesome that you have a book deal. I am completely envious. Fab pics!


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