Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brussel Sprout help

I jut got a whole bunch of brussel sprouts from my mom and am looking for different ways to cook them! I, myself have never cooked them, always eaten them steamed by mom. Can they be stir fried? An suggestions would be awesome!!!

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Haylee said...

I have never tried brussel sprouts and I think it's safe to say i'm missing out! If you come up with any awesome stir fry recipes, please do share :)

Devan Geselle. N said...

i llooove brussles!
heres a link to a yummy recipe

or. broiled in the oven with balsamic

or roasted with ketchup :D

Syl said...

I love them roasted in the oven, just a touch of olive oil or pam and what ever seasonings you like. I use to love them covered with a breadcrumb butter mix, but I have grown up alot from the drench your vegetables in butter stage :-)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Brussels sprouts are awesome roasted-- toss with olive oil, let them get a little brown on the outside, finish off with salt. SO good!

Anonymous said...

You can do anything with them! I love to cook them, roast them, put them in stews and stifrys. Sometimes then can be bitter, but they are actually sweet. yummy

maria said...

which save on foods did you get that creamer at? The one in surrey didn't have it. Ever since i saw it here i have been wanting it!

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