Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's all this talk about Pumpkin??

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Seems like so many of you love pumpkin anything ! Much like me:) So I'm going to devote this post to the wonderful pumpkin.

The reason is because today after work I stopped off at Save on Foods and saw this

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Ahhh! Of course I bought's absolutely yummy :) Like a homemade Pumpkin Spice latte!

There are man other pumpkin infused foods I would love to try but haven't.

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I have NEVER seen these ice creams here :( I would love to try them though. They sound delicious.

I do want to start baking using pumpkin. i was thinking of making Pumpkin muffins and maybe some pumpkin cookies :) I have also started using it in my morning oats. So delicious.

And let's not forget my fave pumpkin creation!

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Well, off to bed, work in the am, then maybe go for a nice jog :) Have a great night!!



Neela Marijana said...

hey christina!
i just came across your blog, i cant even remember how but i love it! so wonderful to meet people who are healthy and lving a good life! and may i just say that you are absolutely gorgeous! it really broke my heart to hear you were suffering from an ED.
all the best to you and enjoy your pumpkin :)
loads of care

Heidi said...

OMG Why did you have to show me that we have that creamer here. Ugh ... it looks SO good! I just have no restraint with that stuff. I could drink it half and half - sick huh! If I could consume it like a normal person I'd give it a try. Mmmmmm!!!!

(HAHAHA - my verfication word just came up as 'poohi' - as in poohi I suck with normal consumption of sweet creamers)

Anonymous said...

Pumpkins are one of the fews things I like about fall. Haha, I'm such a summer girl, but pumpkin spice lattes are definitely worth it each year.


Bona Fide Humanity... Honestly. said...

oh how I adore pumpkin, im so going to have to get some of the creamer. Yum!

Nice to see you're doing better :)


Mrs. LC said...

I can't believe I haven't had any pumpkin yet - I need to get on top of this! And I also need to find a vegan pumpkin "ice cream" - then I will be one crazy happy lady. :)

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