Sunday, December 20, 2009

Old And New

Hello! I'm having a lovely time here at my parents. It's a full house, my relatives flew in from Toronto this afternoon and there are now 7 people in the house! Including my 2 year old niece, she is soo adorable. here are some pics I took this evening with her, we were getting silly with the computer

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I am definitely eating well, mom made a great pasta dinner, and I had 2 servings! My relatives were shocked, in a good way :)

I did 45 mins on my mos treadmill this morning and then did 25 minutes of yoga. Felt so good :)
Tomorrow we are all heading to the mall for some last minute Christmas Shopping. My aunt and uncle already gave me my gift, they wanted me to open it so bad..a $100 gift card to La Senza and a $100 gift card for MAC cosmetics. I was so excited !!
I may just hit up MAC tomorrow ;)
Earlier today I was going through my moms pics and I found some pics of me when I was a little tyke..feast your eyes on these..haha

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There were more, but many too embarrassing to post :)

I'm off now to watch a movie..not sure which one yet.
Last but not least I want to say RIP to Brittany Murphy who passed away today, she was only 32! She is in 4 of my very favorite movies, Just Married, Clueless, Little Black Book and Uptown Girls. :(

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RIP :(

Have a great Night everyone!!!



Anonymous said...

Aww, you and your niece are just adorable!!! Keep enjoying your holidays sweetie! :)

OMG I can't believe I didn't hear about Brittany Murphy. She was an amazing actress!


Anonymous said...

I know, right????

Still can't believe she died O_O

Christina Butter said...

Your niece is so cute! Mine is only 8 months. I can't wait til she gets to that age. You guys look like you're having so much fun!

Emily said...

awww, your niece is the cutest! :) And the pictures of you are also just as adorable!

I can't believe Brittany Murphy died - it was so sudden. She was way too young to have this happen to her :/

Anonymous said...

so sad about brittany :( & your niece is sooo cute

Anonymous said...

Your niece is a cutie pie and you are gorgeous! Sooo sad about Brittany Murphy!

Gabriela. said...

Hey, Christina!
So, I just read you had anorexia..
How long did you take to heal?
I mean.. to get healthy again? To eat normally?
I´m trying to get through it.. But I don´t know if I can. By myself.
So.. please answer me at my blog ( or my email (
Thank You!

From Here to There. In Purple. said...

Hey girl, I just found your blog. I think you are such a beautiful inspiration and have a lot of insight to offer. Looking forward to your next post.

I hope you have a very Merry healthy and joyful Christmas <3

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