Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's This? A Weekday Post?!!

Hello!! I haven't posted on a weekday in quite awhile due to work and being so exhausted in the evening :) I got off work a little early today to go to my boyfriends Christmas work party :) There is going to be a ton of tempting food there! I just have to restrain myself and stick to the healthier things. Tomorrow is a glorious day off of work! I know I'll probably be out a little late tonight so I took the day of just in case ;)

I have seriously been eating my weight in sweet potatoes lately. Mainly in he form of rounds. So good. Oatmeal every morning still..pumpkin oats! Love them.

I've also been on a little tea kick as of lately, I am kinda getting sick of my holiday teas, so I went and got a few new ones :)

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I haven't tried any of these yet, but I will review them as soon as I do! I'm just finishing off my Candy cane lane, I have 2 teabags left. I love that tea so much! I have the Sugar Plum Spice, which I DO NOT like at all. Bleh. It was actually pretty nasty! I cannot find Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride anywhere here! I really want to try it :)

Hopefully tomorrow morning I can go swimming and maybe get some yoga in. I haven't worked out in a few days an I totally notice it. The weather here is atrocious, so no jogging at all :( Too cold!

We are off's a pic of us all dudded up for our evening out..haha.

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Ugh, my hair looks awful! I'm putting it up so it wont look so bad :) Update tomorrow!! Have a great night! xoxo

Question: What is your favorite tea? I am looking for more varieties!


Jessica said...

i have been working out less at the moment to busy, but despite eds rude words to me nothing bad has happened because of it. You look so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Sweet Potatoes are SO addicting. Luckily, they're totally healthy! :)

I've never actually been much of a tea girl... mainly because I have no idea how to prepare it! Maybe you could explain the steps for me???


Eleanor said...

Oh, you are so gorgeous. You are glowing.

I swear I'm slowly starting to turn into a teabag! I drink so much of it ;)
I'm addicted to liquorice tea, or anise tea. It's delicious. And... Goji Berry Green Tea. And Vanilla Green Tea!
They're all so yummy.

Eleanor. xo

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL PICS girl!! and your HAIR does NOT look bad, it looks gorg! i actually found suga cookie sleigh ride at wal mart, above all places

Marcelle said...

I love sweet potatoes and see with the new WW program for Europe it has 9 points!!! So now have them once a week only.

Am loving rooibos caramel tea at the moment. I have see those tea's for sale in South Africa...let us know what you think.

Anonymous said...

you are soo pretty!! & i've heard that tea is really good...i want to try it

Anonymous said...

tea---obsessed. i no longer have white tea. but that's okay. tea makes me happy!

Anonymous said...

Really wanna try those teas too! Lovely picture:)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

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