Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Good evening! I am Super exhausted from work. I have been doing tons of overtime and it's pretty draining. I've been staying at my parents for about 4 days now, just to be with my mom. She is feeling a lot better, but she has her bad moments when she just breaks down :(

I have basically been doing all the cooking since I have been here, which I love! I am trying to eat less meat myself, slowly phasing it out. But for my dad, well he has to have meat with every meal! Tonight was some of this baked tofu

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and some of this yummy grilled eggplant with goat cheese and tomato.

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and chicken breasts for my parents.

I'm over the initial shock now of my relationship ending, instead of feeling sorry for myself and crying all the time, I exercise instead, mainly swimming. It really, really helps. I have also been doing a lot more yoga. In fact, on Thursday, I was talked into taking a Bikram yoga class with a co worker. This is supposedly a beginners class. At least I hope so!!
Yoga has really been relaxing for me, even though I am still not very good at it! I am one of the least flexible people in the world :) I still love it though, and I'm going o continue until I get better.

I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping lately, I was wondering if there was any yoga I could do in the late evening that would help me to sleep better? The yoga I do now is pretty tough and really makes me break a sweat, so I'm sure that wouldn't work. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!

After dinner last night I finally went out and hung out with some friends :) I have been such a hermit for the past week, so it felt super good to just chill with them for awhile. I'll throw in some pics at the end of this post just for the heck of it :)

I'm off to take a nice, long, hot bubble bath and then off to a (hopefully) peaceful slumber for once. I am heading on back to my place tomorrow night, my mom has her sister coming over for 2 weeks while she goes through her treatment.

Hope you all have a wonderful night and a great Wednesday!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised you're exhausted: you've been going through an emotionally and physically draining time. You're such a wonderful, warm, kind-hearted person that I am sure your mother couldn't ask for a more supportive shoulder to cry on. You must remember yourself in all this too, though: don't push yourself too hard and take care!

In terms of yoga, I would suggest looking out for Hatha yoga classes or downloads, as it focuses very much on breathing and meditation, with little strenuous movement. It's exremely relaxing and should hopefully help with your sleep patterns.



Anonymous said...


Perfectly normal to be exhausted. There's no solution except relaxing and hot bubble baths :)

I love your pic, why are you always so pretty? <3

Take care! I hope your mom will feel better soon :)

Anonymous said...

Just keep hanging in there with your Mom. Trust me, you are giving her EXACTLY what she needs right now, so let her express her emotions to you. You are going to be so essential to her in this fight!

Bikram is pretty hard core yoga, but that doesn't mean that the POSES are all that difficult. You just have to stay centered throughout the entire class to keep up. You'll be fine! And it's an AWESOME release for emotions.

At night, try Balancing Flows, Hip Openers, Hatha Yogas, Detox Yogas, and Solar Flows (going from Yoga Download standards). Keep your mind centered and don't let your thoughts wander throughout your practice. Yoga is great for sleeping well because it allows you to let go of all your racing thoughts and relax. I'd actually just suggest doing 10 or 20 of your favorite relaxing poses on your own before bed. Do them slowly and get the full benefit of your practice. Play some soft music and really focus on calming your mind.


Anonymous said...

you are so strong. you are probably tired because everything you have been going through is exhausting but i am so happy to read this post and smile :) it just shows that you are a confident & optimistic person!! your eats look amazing. hope you can geta good nights sleep soon!! glad you went out with your friends


lindsey said...

you are so pretty christina!! don't ever forget it! and you have ever right to be exhausted right now, you have so much going on...but you can get through it!

♥ lindsey

Anonymous said...

Hi Christina :) I just came across your blog--I'm so happy to find another girl who has overcome ED and is living a happy and healthy life!!! Cheers to saying siyonara to ED!

Anonymous said...

you're beautiful! you and your mom are in my thoughts. i know her treatment will go well, but it's emotionally draining nonetheless. swimming is so cathartic, my exercise of choice. bikram is not for everyone, but i love it! make sure you are well hydrated beforehand :)

Heidi said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom :(. My Mom was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer this past fall. Had to have a full hysterectomy and she just finished her last Chemotherapy treatment. Radiation starts next month. It's been a tough road, but they're pretty darn sure she's beat this. I completely understand the roller coaster of emotions you guys are going through right now. It's tough, but stick tight and you'll make it through. All my best wishes for your Mom.

Sorry to hear about your break-up too. :(

Marina said...

I really wish nothing but the best for your Mom! It's normal to feel exhausted. Life can be SO exhausting sometimes. Hang in there!!

Kels Anne said...

I wish you the best for your mom! MY mom died of stomach cancer when I was just 11 years old.. =[ My friends mom actually died on the 10th of this month from kindney cancer or failure... I think.. =[ I wish you the best! =D
Hope to hear back from you !!

prettyface said...

You're beautiful, first of all....Thoughts are with you and your mom.

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