Thursday, January 14, 2010

Feel Good Day

Hello!! I just got home from work and ya, it is pouring rain :( Has been all day. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Blah. But I am still feeling great! I had a great swim this morning and in 1 hour I am attending my first Bikram Yoga class. I gotta tell you, I am a bit nervous! I will post about how it went this evening :)

Work was super slow today, I am so glad to be home, my mom stopped by my work at lunch and we went out for a beautiful lunch :) She's in a super positive mood today, which makes me feel better.

I actually got a pretty decent nights sleep last night :) a whole 8 hours! I NEVER get 8 hours. Amazing how much better you can function on 8 hours rather than the 5 I normally get.

Short and sweet post here, as I need to make a quick snack before yoga and get out my yoga gear :) I took this pic a few mins ago just to show how happy i am feeling today :) well, I guess it's more of a silly pic!

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It's been awhile since I have felt this good :) Anyways, off to get ready!!

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See ya later! Wish me luck for Bikram!!



Anonymous said...

Good luck tonight sweetie! I can't wait to hear all about it. And DON'T WORRY!!! Yoga is about finding your own practice... no one will be judging you. :)


Anonymous said...

aw cute new pic! have fun at bikram, don't be nervous, every studio i've ever been to has always been really welcoming to beginners...everyone had a first day sometime!

Becca said...

yoga is about relaxing! don't let others intimidate you -- and i agree with everyone else, every studio i've been to has been super welcoming :]
glad you are in such a great mood! i should get 8 hours of sleep one of these days ;]

Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention :) cute picture!! glad you are feeling my sleep too!

melonshots said...

gorgeous girl
glad you are feeling good :)

Jessica said...

Silly picture? i would call it frickin adorable myself :)

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