Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday, P90x and Grocery Shopping!

Good Evening Fellow Bloggies! Once again I have been away far too long :(
It as my birthday on Monday, and I didn't do too much, just hung out with a few friends and went out to dinner :) It was quite a nice night :) I got a few great gifts also, some gift cards to Whole Foods, which is good because I spent all mine from Christmas :)
I also got a beautiful new pink duvet for my bed..looks something like this

I LOVE pink! Anything pink! Might I add, I found this pic quite awhile ago, and it is so totally my dream kitchen...

Click for bigger beauty!

Ya, girlie I know, but I LOVE pink.

Dinner yesterday was super duper delicious! Baked sweet potato wedges and chicken breast. YUM.

Tonight was equally delicious, being a baked sweet potato, grilled salmon and some sauteed spinach.

Then off to Whole Foods I went to get a few necessities. Mainly Oatmeal!! Almond Butter and I got a ton of Lara bars and Luna Bars. Grabbed some yogurt also while I was there...I really really wish Canada carried Greek Yogurt! We don't have Fage, Oikos or Chobani :( Sigh..maybe one day! Also got some Allegro coffee good! and some Almond Breeze. The gift cards came in handy for this haul :)

So last week I started the P90x workout..and all I can say is..WOW! These workouts are so AMAZING! I LOVE them (well the ones I've done). They are tough, but I feel so good after I do them! so energetic. I absolutely LOVE the Plyometrics workout, It's easily my fave. Then the Shoulders, biceps and triceps workout. Amazing! I did the yoga workout last night, wow, that was a brutal one. Very advanced yoga moves, therefor very tough..but I did it, I finished it :) Felt great after wards.

I highly recommend this workout system if you enjoy working out at home (as I do). It's great so far. Tomorrow I am going to try the Ab ripper. Ugh, should be interesting. I'll let you know how it goes ;)

So I am off for a nice, hot bubble bath, and to check out some more of your blogs :)

I leave you with a few pics from B day night..nuthin too exciting :) Enjoy.

It was a new dress, but I didn't really like it too much :( What do you all think?



Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweetie! Sounds like a great day, especially with the Whole Foods cards and new Duvet! So pretty!

Hmm... I'm going to agree with you on the dress. I actually think you did a perfect job matching the style of your hair with the outfit for a semi-retro look, but I think the dress could be a bit more form-fitting. Either way, you look absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

omg you look so beautiful! sometimes it's best just to celebrate with a few friends and have a tame evening :). nice new duvet! and WF gift cards are the best gift ever. you know you can make your own greek yogurt right? in case you don't know how, i blogged about it a while ago, it's super easy and cheaper than buying it already strained:

Anonymous said...


Love your blog! I adore that duvet - it's so cute!

I agree with the first comment; if the dress was more form-fitting, I think it would look better.

I'm totally jealous of your hair - you look beautiful!

I'll definitely keep reading your blog. :)

~ Catherine

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)

<3 <3

Jonathan said...

Congrats on your start with P90X! I'm on day 26 of my P90X workout journey (check it out at my blog, TREK2BEFIT.COM) ! Today is Core Synergistics for me. Good luck and keep pushing play!

Mandiee said...

happy belated birthday, hunii! i'm so happy to see that you're back to blogging; we've all missed you but sometimes life gets busy, i understand.
my mom did power 90x for a while and absolutely loved it. she did the ab ripper along with some kind of strength training and let me tell you, her abs are insane! (my mom is a very fit one, if you can't tell. :P) i'm a yogini personally, but i think power 90x is a great system since i've seen what it did for my mom. i hope you enjoy the ab ripper as much as she did :).
i think you look beautiful in whatever you wear. great pics and i'm happy you had a wonderful birthday!
have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

first of all, you are so beautiful!! you look fabulous in that dress. hope you had a great birthday! i love all things pink too LOL. and those sweet potato wedges sound awesome

Anonymous said...

Girl you have to try Liberte 0% Greek Yogurt from Whole Foods - it is newly available and amazing!! (I've been eating it with everrrything, evidenced on my blog, haha)

Anonymous said...

You look great! My BF does P90X and I always meant to do it with him but I hate working out at home. I did put the Ab Ripper on my iPod and did it at the gym for a while though but I got bored of it after a while and customized+incorporated with my own ab routine. Now, I mostly just do planks.

lindsey said...

i love your dressss :) then again, i love all black dresses i think.

i went to whole foods today! amazing how much one person can spend in there.

♥ lindsey

Anonymous said...

Yikes I missed your BD! So happy Birthday delated, lol.

You ROCK this dress. Don't tell me otherwise >___<!! <3 <3

And you're just WAY too pretty to not be ''blogcatured''...;) I'll be damned if I don't/forget!


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I think you look great in your dress! I LOVE your hair. Wish mine did something like that. I personally hate P90X :( I think because I pretty much despise working out in general and that stuff is HARD. Glad you like it though :)

Anonymous said...

love the hair love the hair!!!!!!!! how did you get it to have so much body? i usually curl mine on "day old" washed hair it holds better! looks like a hottie-with-a-body dress and fun time!

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

YOu look GREAT! What a special day!! I always run out of my whole foods gift cards super fast. I can't believe CANADA doesn't carry Greek Yogurt. We'll have to ship you some.

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