Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Madness and Ask Me Anything!

Hey Loves!!! It has been such a busy week so far at work! I work right downtown Vancouver and with the Olympics going on, it is a madhouse! I got the opportunity though to see some of the events, including the mens figure skating last night! It was so amazing!

I have been keeping up with my P90x...did my fave, the plyometrics yesterday and am just going to do some yoga tonight :)

I have been eating a lot of junk food the past few days :( Including a HUGE Bratwurst from the German pavillion here. I'm sure it wasn't the healthiest choice, but it was delicious!

I am currently baking a sweet potato for dinner. I am getting so impatient for it to cook because I am ravenous! What do you guys use for toppings on your baked sweet potatoes? I don't usually use anything, but am open for suggestions for toppings!!

I am also jumping on the bandwagon of Ask me Anything! So go ahead and ask away! Be nice though!!!

I leave you with a few pics from the other night of me and a few friends at a concert at an Olympic venue..they are seriously silly. Sorry for the short post but I am RAVENOUS!!



Anonymous said...

How neat that you are so close to all the action of the Olympics! It must be so fun!

Girl, you KNOW I'm a sweet potato junkie. ;) Any kind of nut butter (although my fav is almond butter), cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and agave nectar are my favorites!


Anonymous said...

Love the second photo, too cute! We may have a blogger meetup at the last weekend of the month, you should def come!

Anonymous said...

i wish i was in vancouver right now!! so awesome. i've heard so many people talk about P90x but don't really quite understand what it is!

Gabriela said...

So exciting that you're so close to the Olympics! I love ketchup on sweet taters, but I've heard almond butter is really good too! Mustard is another good one :)

Anonymous said...

You. Are. Adorable.

As for sweet potato toppings, I usually don't add anything to mine either. Usually I just salt it! I see so many interesting things that other people add to their sweet potatoes. I'm sure everyone else will have good suggestions for you though.

~ Catherine

Bri said...

Heyy Christina,

Just curious about the P90X workouts that you are doing, I know that for P90X program you do pull ups, so my question is, do you do the pull ups on a bar, or what do you do?

Bri =)

Anonymous said...

Awww you're so beautiful :)

I'm considering getting a gormspring account too, but I'm scared anon commnets might get to me. >_<

I'm very boring: I like my sweet potato plain, but it has to be BAKED (not microwaved) until caramelized (well, until the juice is oozing out the sweet potato)! But I heard that coconut + raisins were a great addition if you're fancy :)

Anonymous said...

ah im sure Vancouver is so fun right now!!! pretty picture :)
who cares about the junk food- the important thing is, you enjoyed it!!


Flavor of Life said...

Thats soo awesome that you work near the Olympics! I was watching skiing and snowboarding the other day.. INTESE!! ditto what the post before me said, it doesn't matter what you classify the food as "healthy, or junk food" as long as you enjoy it, thats all that matters! It sucks to eat something healthy that you despise the taste of... food is meant to be enjoyed, so.. ENJOY :)
p.s. you're so gorgeous in your pics!! haha sorry, just thought I should let you know :P

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! hehe I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog! I'm in the process of recovering from an ED right now and seeing someone all done with the recovery process and out enjoying life 100% of the time is very inspiring! :-) Check out my bloggie if you have the time love! Xox


Anonymous said...

I know I am late jumping on the bandwagon here, but I always mean to comment but get scared. I read your journal occasionally, I am in recovery from anorexa and I find your words touching, sweet and REAL, most importantly, inspiring.
I love sweet potatoes. If i have a topping I sometimes have sweetcorn, sometimes any variation of hummus, I had tzatziki the other day although that wasnt quite as good. x

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