Saturday, April 3, 2010

Glorious Saturday!

Good afternoon! My mom woke up this morning feeling so much better :) She even went to the mall with me an hour ago because I needed desperately to get new runners. I'm so happy hat she's feeling better :) Here are the new, fantastic, albeit expensive runners I got

Asics Gel Radience 3 Womens Pink!! Can't wait to try them out :)

We are off to Whole foods soon to get a whole lot of groceries. I decided to answer some of the other questions that were in my Springform, I recently closed it because there were a lot of rude questions and comments :( So here we go

Q. You always seem to have a great tan in a lot of your pics, do you use a self tanner or go to tanning beds? Also, do you tan in the summer or use a sunscreen? Thanks!!!

A. I use self tanners and sometimes get spray tans, not too often though because they are pretty pricey. I NEVER use tanning beds..they are dangerous and very bad for your skin. I ALWAYS use a sunscreen in the summer..SPF 70! I have known far too many people that have gotten skin cancer, my great aunt died from melanoma 7 years ago, so I always protect my skin. I still tan though, even with the SPF 70, basically it just blocks out the harmful rays.

Q. I love the clothes you wear in your pics. Cn you please tell me where you shop? Love your blog btw.

A. Thanks! I mainly shop at Forever 21 and The Gap. But I do order some stuff online through Victoria's Secret because Vancouver doesn't have one. I also love to shop at Aritzia, Bebe and Zara when I have the $$!

Q.You mentioned going to Ireland in May? Are you still planning on going?

A. Yes! I am hoping to leave on May 27th, but it all depends on how my mom is feeling. If she isn't well, I will postpone until she is feeling really well :)

Q. Were you born and raised in Vancouver? I love that city, so pretty.

A. Yes, born and raised here! I love it here. We have everything :)

Q. Do your friends and family know about your blog?

A. Most of them, my closest friends know and my family knows and reads it all the time!

Q. Do you have any siblings?

A. Nope, I am an only child :) I kind of wish I had a brother or sister though.

Well that's it for now! My mom and dad are ready to hit Whole Foods! There are more questions that i will get to later :) I am going to a friends b-day tonight, so there will be some crazy pics tomorrow!! have a great day!!



Anonymous said...

So glad your mom is feeling better today. There's nothing like a little shopping to lift her moods! :) Be sure to let me know how you like those shoes... I'm also in the market for new runners!


Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaw take me with you to Vancouver!!!

Best wheather + Wholefoods + Christina = Dream


Anonymous said...

jealous of your upcoming trip to ireland! sounds amazing!

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