Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh happy Day!

Today was just a super good day for many reasons!

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First off, at work, I got a promotion..and a raise! That totally made my morning :)
I went out for lunch with a co worker and found a $20 bill on the sidewalk! Totally paid for our lunches! Bonus!

I went to my nutritionist after work, I have gained another 2 pounds..so that's 5 a all together..It was great news to her and to me :)

I came home from work and had some packages waiting for me...The Lovely people at Bora Bora sent me some bars to sample..and so I did..I ripped into the Exotic Coconut Almond,

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OMG..sooooo good! It's a little on the sticky side but so delicious. I loved the really distinct coconut flavor, because I am in love with coconut! so 9/10 for this delicious bar!!! I shall try the rest within the next few days :)

Also got a great package from the folks at Naturally More....they sent me..

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Almond Butter and Peanut Butter! I cannot wait to try this out :)

It's so unfortunate that the weather here in Vancouver is still so blah :( Chilly and wet. I want summer!!! I really want to do a ton of hiking this summer, and swimming :)

Oh! and I also stopped off at my old workplace..aka..Sephora, because I needed a new foundation, and I got this one

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It's new, and it's supposed to be a Primer, Concealer and Foundation all in one. So I'll let you all know how it is after I try it :)

Off to cook some dinner..having a quick dinner, a Boca Burger and some sweet potato fries and a Boost :(

Have a great night!!!!!!



Christina said...

naturally more is SO good!! cute pic :)

sue.shi said...

i love coconut anything!! yum!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

what a super fun blog and you're adorable! your blogroll reads like mine (well the ones i read the most!)

Kelsey said...

IM SO HAPPY UR HAVING A SUPER DAY LOVE! wow such great news all throughout.. especially the raise hehe $$

ur such a gorgeous girl. cute picture hehe! <3

Katie ♥ said...

A fab day you had indeed!!! Yay for promotion, gaining, finding money, great packages, and sephora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me know how that foundation is! I use bare minerals now,but always looking for something new!!!

Love ya beautiful!!!! xox

Alex H. said...

Let me know how that foundation works, I have been looking for a good one!!!! Congrats on the promotion!!

Anonymous said...

HOORAY! So many good things for you hun! LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the raise! :)

<3 <3

Jessica said...

that is a good day!! Congrats on the raise/promotion!! :)

Love your new header by the way!! :)

Gabriela. said...

WOW, Christina!
Today was totally your day!
Such amazing news :D
Congrats on your promotion and on your great nutritionist appointment - I´m so proud of you, girlie!
Have a terrific night!
Brazilian XOXO´s,

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the promotion.

My 9 year old son is always finding money. I am thinking he will be able to pay for college at this pace.

Ruth Rogers said...

YAY! Congrats on your promotion and the raise is ALWAYS a plus.

The Cilantropist said...

Congrats on your promotion, and thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Looove this photo of you, glad you shared it because happiness is contagious.

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