Saturday, August 15, 2009

Is It Fall already?!!

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Yes, the weather here right now is very fall like. Chilly during the day, and cold at night. I even saw some of the trees changing colors already. As much as I love Autumn, I am so not ready for summer to be over yet!!!

I had a great day of work today :) My training is almost over, I am really loving my job :) It's so much fun. Today I bought some more makeup..a palette from NARS

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It's so nice! I can't wait to try it out :) Yesterday I got a few hair extensions, they aren't really noticeable, I didn't want anything to bold. Here's a pic with the extensions

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My eating habits have been really bad the past few days, I've been living on green smoothies and coffee. Not good, I know. I never have time to make a lunch, my fault though, I wake up at the last minute! I basically have all fast food places around me, so I don't really go out for lunch, so I just grab a coffee. I did have an oatmeal from Starbucks today, it was actually really good.

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It pretty much filled me up till lunch.

This evening I went to the mall and bought a new outfit, a summer outfit, cause I just know that we will get more hot weather "fingers crossed".
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Oh that's an awful pic, but that's the outfit..ha ha. Anyways, off to bed soon..another day of work tomorrow..then 2 days off! I have to get my eating on track, I always say that, but I really have to. So I'm getting up 45 minutes earlier tomorrow so I can have some oatmeal :) and make a wrap to have for lunch.

Hope you all have a great weekend!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


Liza Lives said...

Hey Christina,
I just cam across your blog. Its really good. Your job looks like so much fun. And your hair looks really good with extensions. Your very smart to use your days off to get your eating on track. I am in recovery right now to from an ED, and it sucks but I have to put an extra effort in too eat, even though it scares me.

nicoleishappy said...

love your job! and your outfit is very very cute.
Hope you wake up early tomorrow for yumy oats.

Anonymous said...

You have such an awesome job! I've been wondering if those oats are filling.. did you get all the toppings? It seems yummy!

Johanna B said...

I could hardly wait to be able to tell you that I got to visit the Sephora store at the Crossroads Mall in Overland Park, KS. My daughter wanted to buy one of everything. I got some Philosophy Amazing Grace. I love that scent. I've only bought it from QVC but getting to see the entire line all at once was amazing. I know we'll be going back soon.

Anonymous said...

cool outfit! I'm so excited for you to get on the floor, I'm sure you are gonna have a blast. I love Sephora!

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