Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writers Block...... I don't think so :)

This will be a jumble of things..ha ha. I had a great day off of work today :) went and bought some MAC eye shadows
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Normally I shy away from bold colors, but I thought I'd use these just for work :)
I hit up Whole Foods, did a massive shop. Got a lot of Sabra Hummus, Flat Out wraps, Ezekiel Bread, Lara Bars galore, A few Luna bars, a HUGE watermelon, 2 bags of spinach, 5 Almond Breezes, about 15 bananas(ha ha), 4 zucchinis,Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal (my absolute new fave), coffee and a big bag of avocados, 2 Maranatha Almond Butters!!, along with some household items(like laundry soap and so on).

I then walked to the library after I put away my groceries, took out Anna Karenina, I've never read it. Anyone read this? How was it? I was going to get Angela's Ashes, since I had seen the movie a few years ago, I loved it, and also Heather is reading it!, but it was out :(

For dinner I had a flat out wrap with tons of veggies and hummus. OMG it was good. I also drank a Diet Coke, which I know isn't good for me, but I was craving fizzy and it was in my fridge. I also just finished of a can of Amy's Black bean soup. Yum.

I spent the majority of the day alone, all my friends were working :( But it was relaxing!

I did something this afternoon that I NEVER do..something that used to be so taboo for me when I had my eating disorder. I made the mistake of going into Starbucks while I was ravenous this afternoon, I had a hard core workout in the morning and it made me sooooo hungry, I didn't ant to eat till I got home, so I went up to the counter to get a cappuccino and instead, my hunger and sweet tooth got the best of me and I got this

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A grande Java Chip Frappaccino, whip and all. I felt so guilty after I drank it :( Then I realized that I don't normally drink stuff like this, and it's alright. It wont kill me to drink one :) I have to admit as heavenly :) But no more now for like 2 years!!!!

I really do want to try these though

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Especially the vanilla!

Anyways, off to bed in the morning! Have a great night!! xoxooxoxoxox


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely, relaxing day off! Loving those eye shadows... such pretty colors. Those will look great with your blonde hair and lighter skin tone!

Oh hun, don't beat yourself up about the Starbucks!!! Enjoy that delicious frappuccino! There's absolutely nothing wrong with going in and ordering what you crave. It just goes to show that you were listening to your body and truly knew it was what you wanted. Of course, it's not good to have one EVERY day, but the occasional treat is perfectly fine! If you start craving these more often, maybe you can switch between a Mocha Light frappucino and these treats. Either way, don't think about it and let it bug you! :)

I haven't read that book before, but be sure to let me know how you like it! And I would totally recommend checking out Angela's Ashes whenever it's in stock. I haven't finished yet, but it's SUCH a good story so far!


Anonymous said...

I've read Anna Karenina, and I actually quite liked it, but I'm an English nerd. ;) It was somewhat spoiled for me, though, because I knew how it ended before I even picked it up. Sigh.

One frappuccino can't do any harm... even if you have it more than once every two years!! It probably shouldn't be a daily indulgence, but if you have one occasionally and you enjoy it, then why ruin that by letting yourself feel guilty over it?

Have a good day at work!

<3 <3

nicoleishappy said...

i love mac make up! and yumm starbucks fraps are a good treat! glad you are having fun at your work girl

Morgan said...

I love MAC shadows! If only I could figure out how to shade like those girls do I'd be set!

And FYI I hope you win my contest because we have GOT to get you out of jogging pants!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your eyeshadows and that fact that you went for the drink at Starbucks. You'll be fine. As long as it was good is all that matters.

Fitnut said...

Wow - that frappaccino looks soooo good! Don't feel guilty - sounds like you rarely have them.

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