Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good as new

Hello! I am feeling so much better :) I started work again yesterday, which I missed so much. I am so glad to have that flu out of my system. I am still on the medicine for another 5 days though. Have to take it till it runs out.

Back to eating all my delicious foods that I missed oh so much...this morning was oatmeal tons of good stuff mixed in..yummy.
Lunch was a huge veggie pita. I ate every bite, it was absolutely delicious. Dinner was a baked sweet potato and tons of steamed spinach. Awesome!

I have my friend over right now and we are watching 13 going on 30 :) I love that movie!
Here we are!

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It feels so good to be able to wear makeup again and actually do my hair :) I was such a mess for awhile.

Tomorrow I am going to the gym! I am so excited because I haven't been for awhile. I can't wait to get in a good workout.

I want to do a mini review on something new that I tried last night...Barney Almond Butter

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Oh wow, I think I may love this stuff even more than Maranatha. It's soooooooo good. I am so addicted. Me and my friend just ate a spoonful each awhile ago. It's that good. Unfortunately, we don't have this here in Canada, my friend brought it from California for me. So, this jar will have to last.

Well, off to read your blogs, finish watching the movie, then bed! Have a great weekend!



jibbalibba said...

13 going on 30 very amazing, in Australia its called suddenly 30 but we bought it from America so we have 13 going on 30 its a much better name.

i am happy to hear you feel better and may i add your eyes are stunning and i am sure they would be without make up too.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie! SO glad to hear you're feeling a lot better. Sounds like everything is returning back to normal. :) Hope you enjoyed your movie!


Syl said...

love love love that movie! So gald you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better!! You look beautiful. :)

<3 <3

Johanna B said...

I buy my Barney Butter online because the stores around here don't carry it. I get four jars at a time. Try the crunchy - it's sensational.

I LOVE "13 going on 30".

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