Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy First day Of Autumn !

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Here in Vancouver it doesn't really feel like Fall at all..it was 80 degrees out today! So nice. I had another amazing day at work :) I had the most delicious breakfast, something I haven't had in so long..an omelet! Vegetarian..it was so good. Lunch was the best tuna sandwich in the world. Around dinner time I wasn't really hungry, but I did manage to eat a big bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat.

I was thinking of buying Ezekiel bread, is it any good? Can anyone try to describe what it tastes like?

Next week I was also thinking of getting a Breville Blender..this one

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I'm sooo excited! I can't wait to try it out :)

Tomorrow is another work day..then heading to the gym afterwards :)

I am feeling almost 100% better from my flu. On of the worst things about it was the sore throat, ugh. No matter what I did or tried, it just would not go away! It was so sore that I could barely swallow. I'm so happy that it is gone :)

Off to read your blogs, then head off to bed :) here's a pic I took a few mins ago with my friends new Canon Powershot..I love this camera..I wish it was mine :( ha ha. have a great night all!

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Devan Geselle. N said...

The Eizkel Break is really good!! i reccomend their english muffins as well !! (cinnomon raisin!) tee hee

rad blender!

I love how hot it is here in Van! I spend the majority of my day at jericho. i love days off!

jibbalibba said...

that is one attractive blender, i hope it works as good as it looks. Breville is a good brand so you would guess so.

Anonymous said...

I have blender envy!!! ;)

I have a Canon PowerShot, too -- LOVE it.

<3 <3

Haylee said...

you. are. gorgeous!! I love that picture of you girly:)
I'm jealous about your warm weather..it's already getting cold where I live.. noo.
Glad you're feeling better!

Baylee♥ said...

YAYYY! Happy Fall! I love autumn time...the leaves are SO pretty!!! love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous!! It kills me!!

*Naomi* said...

ahh yes beautious blender!!! and beautious girl, you are!! thanks for visiting my blog :)

camera is awesome, the shots are super clear!

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