Sunday, November 29, 2009

Long, Lazy Weekend

Happy Sunday!

I've had such a great, relaxing weekend :) Did a lot of cooking, shopping and sleeping!
Saturday I went and did some Christmas shopping for the familia..and bought myself some perfume..Britney Spears new one..Circus Fantasy

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I love her fave one is Fantasy. I'm all out though :(.This one is pretty sweet smelling, so if you like sweeter smelling perfumes then you would for sure like this!

I also hit up Whole Foods, got my mom a $100 gift certificate from there. She, like me, LOVES Whole Foods!. I also bought a ton of sweet potatoes, broccoli, bananas, oat bran and some Lara bars, which I haven't had in quite a while.

Tonight for dinner I am making a veggie lasagna :) My boyfriend is very unsure about this, he is a big meat eater and amazingly has never had a veggie lasagna! Hopefully he likes it :)

Yesterday morning (very early), I went for a 1 hour swim at the pool..felt so good. After shopping, I came home so exhausted and took a 3 hour nap! Ha ha. It was much needed.

Friday evening I attempted to make homemade Butternut Squash soup..and it was amazing!
I have tons left, so I'm going to be bringing it to work for lunch this week :)

Yesterday I bought some Whole Grain Bread..I haven't bought bread in a long has always been my "danger" food. But I am slowly trying o introduce it back into my diet. I have to get over my fear of carbs.

Back to work in the AM..then another appointment with my nutritionist. She'll be glad to see that I am introducing some bread back into my life!

This evening I am gong to do some yoga, which is getting a bit easier :), (I may need more of a challenge now Heather!), Watch some TV, and play some more with my new Blackberry!! I totally think they are better than the I Phones ;)

Have a great week!!!



Pieces Of Her said...

Bread has always been a bit of a fear food of mine, too! I didn't have the choice of eating it, though, I had to while I was in hospital. But it felt so good to overcome a fear food... I proved to myself that nothing bad would happen! It's been months... And nothing bad has happened yet ;)

I bet your boyfriend's tastebuds will be blown away with your vegetable lasagne! I'd wish you luck, but I know you wont need it.

Good luck at your nutritionists - she will definitely be proud you've introduced bread again. Congratulations on doing that. Yet another step in the right direction.

Eleanor. xo

Anonymous said...

What a perfect gift from your mom!!! What foodie doesn't love guilt-free grocery shopping. ;)

Congrats on starting to introduce bread back into your diet. It's always a struggle to over those fears, but just keep reminder yourself that YOU are in charge and that YOU have the strength to go beyond any fear.

Hmmm... You would probably really enjoy Dave Farmar's Baptiste Power Yoga Flow #3. It's not quite as difficult as #1 and #2, yet really is an excellent workout!


Anonymous said...

GOOD for you for the bread thing girl! I was scared of bread for the longest time..then i thought..why the heck should i be scared of this little rectangle substance? haha.
conquer one fear at a time girl! youre awesome!

Jessica said...

i had such a fear of bread to, but now i have like 4 slices a day sometimes (thats if i decide i don't want crumpets)

You are a superstar

Marcelle said...

I love sweet smelling perfume as well, haven't seen this one in Germany as yet.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for having bread again. I love, love, LOVE some good bread! Have it everyday:)

How did the veggie lasagna turn out? For non-vegetarians (like me), adding some baked eggplant works really well. They won't miss the meat, least I don't;)

xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

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