Saturday, November 21, 2009


Good Morning! Just got back from an awesome swimming session and I feel so refreshed!
I'm going to download some yoga for this evening (thanks Heather!).

Heading out to breakfast now with the boyfriend, and then Whole foods again!, I would seriously move my bed in there and sleep there if I could!

Then tonight we are going to see a movie..2012..not really my kinda move, but since I dragged the boyfriend to New Moon, I feel I owe him one :)

Tomorrow I'm off to search for yet another new camera, since I lost mine in the States :(
Hopefully I can find something within my budget.

I may also head over to Starbucks after breakfast and grab a bag of coffee beans for my french press! they have the Christmas Blend out, which is my fave!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


PS..If someone could please tell me how to link to another blog on my posts, that would be awesome! I just can't figure it out!!


Tricia said...

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy those downloads tonight... let me know what you think! Play around with them, let me know which ones you like, and I can suggest other ones that are similar. :)

Yeah, I'm not a 2012 kind of girl either, but we have to keep our men happy!


Anonymous said...

haha sleeping in Whole food store...

That's something I might do one day, if I find one.


Have a nice evening with your boyfriend! (Iwat one too, my weekend are so incredibly boring!)

Anonymous said...

To link to another blog:

There a do we say that? Grey thing, that looks like a bow? I don't use blogger anymore, but it's near the 'center your text' thing...

Ok I'll let somebody else explain it. I really suck in english sorry xD

Anonymous said...

lol im with you on the linking a blog thing.. i dk how to do it either!! i could TOTALLY live in whole foods too..i spend hours in there! too bad there isnt one close to where i go to school!

Simply Life said...

Oh I love the christmas blend and didn't realize it was already out - thanks!

Nicole M., MS, RD, LD said...

Yummmm to Christmas Blend!

To link to another blog post you highlight the text you want to be the link in your post and then go up and click on "link". Copy and paste or type in the address of where you want the link to follow to. I hope that makes sense (and that I'm right!)

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