Sunday, June 14, 2009

First post and some history

Hello! My name is Christina, I started this blog with the intention of sharing my healthy, new lifestyle with you! I was not heavy before, or even a little chubby, no, I was anorexic, very badly anorexic. This started when I was 12. One little "you're fat" comment changed my life.

I basically started my starvation diet, as I liked to call it, shortly after this comment. Needless to say, after 5 days of fasting on nothing but water and half an apple a day, I passed out in the hall of my school. The school nurse called my parents and let them know what I was doing to myself. Now, I love my parents with all my heart, but at that time they just didn't get it. They thought it was a phase that I would get through, my dad said "all young girls go through this".

I realized at that point that they were not going to keep their eye on me, because they thought it was a phase. Fast forward to age 16..5 foot 5, 91 pounds. A lot of bones protruding, bags under my eyes, patches of hair falling out, cold in the middle of summer, severe stomach problems, and yet still, no one seemed to know that I had an eating disorder.

Age 17, 86 pounds, severe heart palpitations, surviving (barely) on 275 calories day, could barely drag myself out of bed, yet still, no one said anything.

Age 21, my worst year, I had actually managed to gain 14 pounds between age 17 and 21 due to medication I was on. My best friend Kelsey said to me, "do you have anorexia?". At that point I broke down into her arms and realized something..I was actually glad that someone acknowledged it! It actually felt like for once someone cared.I was 5 foot 5 , 78 pounds (my lowest weight.)

I went into treatment shortly after that, did a lot of counselling with my parents to help them understand what I was going though. I was at an incredible hospital for 7 months, I got out and 2 months later relapsed, went back for another 5 months, and well, here I am today, better than ever!

I have totally changed the way I feel about food, eating habits and my weight. I realized that food didn't have to be scary, I didn't have to fear eating a meal, gaining a few pounds. Though for me it wasn't only about gaining some much needed weight, but also eating very healthy.
No more junk going into my body. I read some great blogs tht have inspired me in the past year even more,, are for sure my top 3 faves! You should definately give them a read! I kno this was a long post, but I really wanted to kind of introduce myself :) My next post will talk about my fave healthy foods, what I now, generally eat during a typical day and what kind of exercises I do :) Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

You're so lucky that your friend finally asked you that question and it helped to pull you out of your disorder. It's so sad to think how many girls never get the help that they need. Congratulations on getting healthy!

Anonymous said...

welcome to the blog world :) you sound like you have come so far ! i cant wait to read more :)

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