Monday, June 22, 2009

Shin Splints

The past few days I've been doing the shred I have been having his annoying pain in the inside of my shin, just above my anklebone, so painful that I had to omit the cardio part of the workout. Then last night I went for a jog and the pain started about 5 mins into the was quite bad :( I'm thinking they are shin splints. It's in my left leg only though. It sucks, because now I can't do any cardio :( and I love cardio. I guess I should let it heal though. I ordered a new pair of runners yesterday, Adidas Boost. I'm hoping they might be better for my feet. Does anyone know how I can get a little cardio without actually having to land hard on my feet?

I went to Costco with my sister yesterday and got 2 cases of Lara Bars for only $12.99 a case! There are 12 in the case. I also got a HUGE bag of spinach, I am just now getting into making the green smoothies! they are so good :) I got a huge tub of Organic Raspberries, Organic Blueberries and Some Organic Strawberries. I went out for awhile last night with some friends, my leg was killing me, but I had a great time! I'll be posting pics later. I really have to eat dinner now..I literally just got back from work and haven't eaten that much later xo


nicoleishappy said...

hey thanks for checking out my blog.

I think i may be able to help you out with shin splint. i used to get them all the time when i was on XC in highschool.

Stretches. sit with your feet straight in front of you have someone push your fox back(flexed) while you try to force your foot pointed. (but the person pushing against your foot should not let you be able to pointe)

Then do that all four ways (like the right side of your foot on the ground trying to push straight up but partner holding it to the floor)

also get those cheap little paper dixie cups fill then 3/4 full of water freeze them then massage the ice (ripping the paper from the sides off as the ice melts) onto where your shin splints are and do this a couple times a day and in a week or less you should be golden

have a great day girl!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure that I can be much help with the shins, but I'd take it easy for a few days and be sure to do a lot of stretching before any exercising. If the pain continues, don't hesitate to go see a doctor to get it checked out. You never want to play around with your health! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Sounds like an awesome shopping loot!!! Gotta love those Larabars. YUM!


Reeni♥ said...

Sorry your having such pain with your shins! What a great deal on the larabars. Hope you feel better!

Khael said...

You could try and water walking exercise, the water works on muscle tone as well as a great cardio since it has a lot of resistance. I did this for volleyball and it help my movements greatly.

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