Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Boyfriend :)

I'm home for a half hour lunch from work right's another long day :( I'm eating a Black Bean Burger that i prepared last night, with Hummus...mmmm. So good. I would like to introduce you all to my boyfriend Cam (now that he gave me pic to put his pic up :) ) I have been with him almost 4 years now. He's my everything. he's been through it all with me, my anorexia, the worst part of it. He never gave up on me. I took this pic last night at Starbucks after I met him after he got off of a long shift of work...haha.

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He was all like "OK OK, just take the pic" ha ha. He's such a great guy. We don't live together..yet. We are thinking of moving in together when I get back from England/Ireland.

In other news, I see so many of you drink Synergy Drinks..I was wondering if you can get these at Whole Foods? Or if they are even available in Canada? I don't think I've ever seen them. I would really love to try them though! Any review on how they are? best flavor just in case I do find them!! Starting tomorrow I will be taking pics of some of my meals and so on. so excited!! Well, off to work again :( I'll update later..hope you are all having a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxxo


Jenny said...

CUTE guy!!! :) :) you must be so sweet together!! He sounds like a keeper and such an amazing support for you!! <3

Enjoy your night, cant wait for more pics :)

Marina said...

Cute boyfriend! :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely a keeper! What a cutie... and loving his sense of style. Very impressive! :)

The Synergy - I gotta say, I'm obsessed with just about every flavor. I'm not sure if they're available in Canada, but I get mine at my local natural foods store as well as in the organic section of my normal grocery store. I reviewed MANY flavors on my blog if you search for "Synergy" in the little search box on my page, but I'd say my favorite is Superfruits. Any of the fruity flavors (Trilogy, Superfruits, Mystic Mango, etc.) are good to start out with. Trust me, they have a very different flavor that you have to get used to, but I LOVE them! Be warned, don't shake these babies. Trust me, I had a very bad experience when I did that my first time. Haha, just imagine the drink basically exploding all over my kitchen. ;)


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