Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vitamins :)

Ugh, what a day. I have had a headache all day :( It just wont seem to go away. I guess it's time to pop some Advil. I generally avoid painkillers or aspirin, but I think I may need them this time. I couldn't even exercise today because of this darn headache. Even after a 2 hour nap it was still there. I did manage to get to Whole Foods though. Got more than I needed ;) This time around I got 3 bags of Spinach! I go through it so fast. Tons of organic bananas, Hummus, Kale, Almond Butter, Wraps, Avocados, Coffee!!, Almond Breeze, Tons of Lara Bars (I already went through the box that I got at Costco!) and some Salmon Fillets, which I'm going to make tomorrow :)

I was in the Vitamin Aisle with my friend and I realized that I take absolutely no vitamins at all! I do get a lot of vitamins from the foods I eat, but I'm wondering if it is enough? Should I be taking a multi vitamin? I was at a loss, because there were so many different vitamins! I don't know what I should or shouldn't be taking. What vitamins do you all take if any? what would you recommend? Thanks!

Off to take some Advil and a bubble bath to relax. Here's to hoping that this awful headache goes away :(


Anonymous said...

DEFINITELY take a multi-vitamin!!! I take One-A-Day Women's plus Calcium. Although it's always best to get your vitamins and nutrients directly from foods, there are often days when you might not get quite enough of a certain food/nutrient. That's where the multi-vitamin comes in handy. There are basically no disadvantages, so I'd totally recommend it! As a young woman, you have to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins to stay healthy, especially with your bones. So be sure to get one with calcium and vitamin D. Also, being as active as you are, it's important to get all those extra vitamins and minerals! :)

Hope you feel better soon!


nicoleishappy said...

i do not take a vitamin either but i need to! im prob going to get the chocolate chew muti vitamin haha.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your headache. I sometimes get them lasting all day and it's very annoying. Hope the bubble bath helps and you feel better.
I don't take vitamin tablets, but I get a lot from my food I think and that's the best place to get them from, it can't harm to take a tablet too though.

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