Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Evening!

Wow, I just went to the POM website, and they now have POM Iced Coffee! The flavors are Chocolate, Iced Chai, Cafe Au Lait, and Caramel. I really want to try these! I hope they are in Canada soon! Maybe they have been out for awhile but this is my first time hearing about them. And look at these cute little bottles!
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I love Iced coffee! I drink a lot of the POM juice and the other day I just tried the Tangerine flavor. It was so good! I love this stuff!

I've noticed that a lot of times when I get thirsty, like really thirsty, I crave carbonated drinks. I usually don't drink them, but I sure crave them, even more so than water. I used to drink a ton of diet coke. I haven't drank it in over a year but I sure do crave it a lot. It's very odd.

Today was miserable weather wise. Raining all day and very chilly. Yuck. I stayed indoors for the most part, did some cooking, I made an awesome chili, with tons of kidney beans and some leftover black beans that I had. Now I use meat in mine, lean ground turkey. I really want to make a vegetarian chili though. I just need to find a really good recipe for one. The chili was delicious, as was my homemade black bean burger last night. I prefer the homemade over the store bough most definitely!

This evening I was energetic and a little bored so I did level 2 and 3 of the 30 day shred. Now I'm really sore :( If it wasn't raining I would have for sure gone for a jog. Tomorrow is a shopping day, for lots of produce, again. I run out so fast! Spinach and bananas go so fast in my place. I was also thinking of trying cantaloupe in my green smoothie tomorrow. Hopefully it's good :) Off to relax and watch a movie now, going to watch Confessions of a shopoholic! Have a great night!! xo


nicoleishappy said...

Love that movie!!!! and i want to try pom and pom's iced coffee those sound awesome. Btw i am going to buy some spinach and bananas soon bc you are making me want them every time i get on your blog! have a great evening pretty girl

Anonymous said...

OMG that POM iced coffee sounds so good! I haven't seen it around yet either... definitely something to watch for!

I know what you mean about craving carbonated beverages. They just really seem to quench my thirst. Instead of soda, I usually grab a sparkling, natural flavored water or a Synergy drink.

Enjoy your movie night!


Anonymous said...

Iced coffee sounds delicious.

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