Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good Afternoon!

Ugh, yesterday was such bad day. I woke up with the worst sinus headache ever. I had to go to work with it, around hour into my shift I had a massive nose bleed! Now I have never, ever had a nose bleed in my life, at least not that I can remember. It lasted about 10 mins. Oddly enough, after my nosebleed stopped, my headache went completely away! How weird is that?

I have today off of work, and it has been a lovely day so far :) I had an awesome green smoothie this morning with 2 cups of spinach and 1 cup of kale. also had a bowl of Kashi Go lean. Kashi does not have many of their products available in Canada :( No Kashi Heart to heart, no Kashi Cereal biscuits, no oatmeal, No Kashi U or kashi Honey Sunshine :( all which I want to try. We also don't have the Go Lean Chewy bars or any of the Kashi frozen foods :( Ahh, i want to try them all!

I had such a great workout this afternoon, I did level 3 of the 30 day shred and 40 mins on the treadmill. I'm going to do some core exercised tonight and maybe some weights :) On my way to the store now, I am, once again, out of spinach, Kale and bananas. Hope u all have a great day!!! xo


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the nosebleed, but at least you're feeling better!

I sent you an email about a swap if you want to try out some of those Kashi products... just let me know! :)


nicoleishappy said...

sorry you got the nosebleed but awesome for it all going away at once, i know you werent complaining when it miraculously dissapeared.

YOu make me want to give th whole green smoothie thing a shot!

Tasty Health Food said...

Aw, it's okay. :) I hope you feel better soon! Kashi isn't one of my favorite brands actually. Good luck finding it though!

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