Monday, July 13, 2009

Exhausting Day.

Today was a LONG day. I had to work form 7am to 6pm..ugh. So no workouts today :( But I did eat healthy for the most part. Spelt Flakes and a banana for breakfast, A gigantic salad that I prepared last night. I used a ton of lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and some chick was delicious and very filling. I have yet to eat dinner and it is 8:30! I did make a green monster awhile ago and that is filling me up quite a bit. But I think I'll have another one of those delicious wraps (courtesy of Heather at Health, Happiness and Hope!) I had one yesterday and it was so delicious :) Thanks Heather! I also topped off at Best Buy on my way home and finally got a cord for my camera! Now I can start taking some pics. I took this one of me a few minutes ago..ha ha. My hair is already getting lighter, I washed 3 times already to get the dark coloring out. It's fading nicely :)

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I'm officially out of Almond Butter :( So Wednesday I'm going to get some more..I have been using the Maranatha Raw Almond butter for some time now. I think I may be ready to try a new kind. I'm not sure if they all taste the same or not? What is a good brand that you can recommend? Or a really good natural peanut butter? Thanks! Hope you all had a great Monday! I'm back to work in the am, but thankfully it's a shorter day :) xoxoxox


stilettolover91 said...

u look so beautiful!!! i really love ur hair!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

very pretty :)

Jenny said...

Sounds like a GOOD productive day!!! :) YAY for the camera cord!! Cant wait for more pics.

You my darlin are simply gorgeous!!! <3 It's amazing how quick that dye is fading from your hair! blonde or brown its beautiful either way!

Have a fabulous Tuesday <3

Anonymous said...

Glad you're loving those wraps... I swear, they are so addicting!!!

LOVING the hair!!! It might be fun to get some lowlights sometime... the darker tint looks really nice on you. :)

I LOVE MaraNatha for almond butter. Honestly, I have tried a few others and haven't found a better one. For PB, I really like Smuckers Organic Creamy Peanut Butter.


Johanna B said...

Glad your long day at work is over. I work 12 hour shifts on the weekends and it's tuff. Heather's wraps do sound delicious and I'm planning on doing her zucchini boats tonight. The only almond butter I've tried is Barney Butter and it's great!

Baylee♥ said...

Im glad you found my blog! :)

Im not big on almond butter, so i probably wouldnt be much help! lol

LOOOOVe your hair!!!

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