Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Happy Monday!

It was sooo gorgeous out today! and hot! I'm a little bored right now, so I thought I'd do "20 things about me"

1. My parents are both attorneys
2. I worked at Starbucks for 2 years and I loved it!
3. I have never, ever broken a bone in my body, I prefer to keep it that way
4. I LOVE scary of my faves is the scares me so much, but I continue to watch it all the time.
5. I have met actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers on 2 separate occasions, in 2 different countries..both times in a restaurant! how weird is that? and the 2nd time we met (which was over a year later) he remembered me!!!
6. I love Britney Spears..seriously..ha ha.
7. I love all vegetables except..beets and turnips..ew
8. I have been fortunate to travel a lot..I have been to England (lived there for 5 months for job training!), Ireland, Hawaii, tons of places in the US, and Mexico.
9. Deathly afraid of heights, spiders and deep water.
10. Extremely close to my parents :)
11. Have whole entire Care Bear collection from when I was a kid..still have all of them on a shelf in my apartment!!
12. Have a slight peanut butter/almond butter addiction
13. I love romantic 13 Going on 30, Love Actually, Sweet Home Alabama and The Wedding Planner.
14. My favorite holiday is Halloween!! I'm not sure if Halloween is technically a holiday??
15. I absolutely love's my fave season..followed by summer :)
16. I love online shopping!
17. I am a travel agent for Flight Center
18. I love watching The Simpsons and family Guy
19. I cannot wait to have kids.I would love to have 3!!
20. hmmm...I'm running out of things here!! ha ha. I LOVE SANGRIAS!!! it's my fave drink

I hope you all had a great day! I have to be up early for work :( but ill update after :) xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoo

Oh and PS?? I see that a lot of you all use pumpkin in oats and so on? are you using canned pumpkin? I would love to try it!! and what else can you use it in? thanx xo


Bambi said...

Hey, canned pumpkin is what most people use. I once tried the pumpkin thing in porridge with a mashed banana, some sugar and some cinnamon in a normal serving of porridge.

Jenny said...

I loved this!!! Such neat info! :) :) I love a lot of what you do!

Pumpkin in oats is sooo good!! I add it after the oats are cooked about 1/4-1/2 cup canned with cinnamon, maple syrup.

Johanna B said...

I, too, love Halloween. I think I decorate more at Halloween than I do at Christmas and I decorate a LOT at Christmas.

I agree on "13 going on 30". I think it's one of the funniest movies ever and I love the ending.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! That's so neat that you worked at Starbucks... haha I love that place. And totally with you on the romantic comedies. I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama!

It must be so fun being a travel agent! Do you get to travel a lot for work? or do you just do traveling on your own?


nicoleishappy said...

i love romantic comedys!i tried pumpkin in oats and used canned but i realized i did not like pumpkin

Devan Geselle. N said...

woooo! Vancouver represent!
haha. where abouts? im in kits!
xo Love your blog :)

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